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from germany!!!!!


you do something to me

everyone says i love you

Before sunrise – Before sunset

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton- Joslene

Dolly Parton- I will always love you


Leela James – Don’t Speak

I welcome the rain with two reeditions today. The first on is Leela James for the track Don’t Speak by No Doubt and I love the jazz-y feeling she adds to it and the other is by Mark Robson for the classic Stop Me by The Smiths.

Mark Robson – Stop Me

Fresh Music- Preview

Kylie Minogue – 2 Hearts – NEW SINGLE

You make me invisible
Black sky you make my day
And I feel so wonderful
Oh don’t let go

Deep in the dark of you
It feels like I never saw sun
Should I shout for a rescue
Oh don’t let go, oh don’t let go

Two hearts are beating together
I’m in love (woo!) I’m in love (woo!)
Is this forever and ever
I’m in love (woo!) I’m in love (woo!)

Life’s good on the southside
Well hold on cos I’m coming up, yeah
And I can’t even see up here
Oh, don’t let go