Angelina Jolie: almost virgin

Angelina Jolie stated in British Cosmopolitan that she has only slept with 4 men… She however did not clarify to which time interval she was referring . I wonder in what year she started counting… or when she stopped counting…

Oh…. Remember those innocent times? When Britney was a virgin, when the Simpsons sisters weren’t twins? whew!

But man, really now… only 4 men?! including Brad… that leaves us three…Billy Bob Thorton…. we have two left… Hey wait! Are we counting incest too? 😛

Poor little Jennifer Aniston, how could you ever measure up to such a woman?! She has your husband, his child, a better movie career, ok a movie career, she’s a sinner, she’s a saint (sorry got carried away singing) and now almost a virgin! Ok compared to Lindsay & Paris a total virgin!

Hold on to this story folks I hear Mother Angelina is going to reveal in the US version of Cosmo with how many women she has slept with!


One response to “Angelina Jolie: almost virgin

  1. mporei na exei diaforetiko metro h kopela!
    ean to kanoume se euros mporei na mas vgei swsta! h mhpws se giardes???
    mporei na anferotan akoma kai sto posous exei parei taytoxrona! :S oups xontrada…
    tespa angelina einai, oti malakia kai na pei tha ksexastei me mia akoma taineia kai kamposa xortata pitsirikia sthn afriki apo ta esoda.

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