Daily Archives: September 3, 2007

I heard you got married


Jill Scott – My love

You chose her ’cause she is sweet as pie

take what you give even your lie

but baby are you happy without me?

she scrubs your back, washes your clothes

gives you everything that you ask for

but do you ever want more?

because my love,

my love is deeper, tighter, sweeter, higher, flyer,

didn’t you know this, or didn’t you notice…

New album out on 12 Septby are you happy without me?/she scrubs your back/washes es you everything that you ask for/but do you ever want more?/because my love/my love is deeoer,tighter,sweeter,higher,flyyer/didnt you know this/or didnt you notice?


Baby love

Macy Gray Featuring Erykah Badu – Sweet Baby


Macy Gray – Everybody