American Idol 6 LA

How was LA? Well Olivia Newton-John still looks good. Day 1 began with Exentric’s audition. The man- panther wasn’t in a cage but he crawled, grawled,  and went home.  Next audition, Mr Lover Lover is here to spread the love but not the music. Pity though while he was talking with his deep calm voice I thought maybe he could sing too. It’s a good thing I don’t bet.

I liked a banana- boy singing “Peanut Butter Jelly! Peanut Butter Jelly!” Inspired and sooo ahead of his time. Up next Marianna Riccio, didn’t make it for good reasons, but I have to agree with Simon and Randy, her mum was foxy!

A musician, Alaina Alexander, about to give up on her career, sang ” I feel good” and hey! I felt good too. Amiable and I hope her golden ticket takes her a long way.

Taylor Hicks was Phuong’s Pham idol, the moment she walks in she says: “Oh my God! There’s Taylor” (on the poster) Well that got her 10 points off from Simon before she even opened her mouth. Unfortunatelly she opened her mouth to take the rest points off, and go home.

A light at the end of the tunnel as Brandon Rogers, background vocalist, auditions. Sweet voice, who can not like this one?! 🙂 Brian Miller from last years tries again and makes it, although I have to agree with Simon, sweet but forgettable. 😛

Drama Moment:

Sherman Pore, 62, sang “You belong to me: for his wife who passed away 2 days before the audition with cancer. Moving, brought tears to Paula’s eyes and mine. It’s so nice to love and be loved.

Day 2 begins with the auditions of the hottest couple we’ve seen yet trying out for  AI. Sparkles  seem to forget all about her boyfriend’s “bling, bling, bling” smile, as she flirts with Simon. And I mean, she winked, licked her lips, sang to him… Simon! How could you resist?! Thank God her man really trusted her, so off they went without tickets but with lots of love.

At this point I’m wondering why searching for the American Idol and not the American Weirdo. There seems to be so much talent!

We close with Eric Mueller, can’t describe the way he sang, of course he’s out, until… Simon finds out he learned to sing with Paula’s and Randy’s DVD “sing like the stars”. So he goes after Eric, after him goes Paula and after her Randy.

Grand Finale 😛


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