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American Idol 6 Best ( & worst) of the rest

Just about the best…

Tami Gosnell, 29 cool , big smile, and an air of 60’s

Paul Kim, Asian pool boy, soft and powerful voice but I didn’t like his style so much, too boy-band-y for my taste.

Gina – I heart Simon- Glocksen from season 5, nice audition, but I see no Idol and no Simon in her future.

Roller Girls:

Ashley Cleland was ok, but I thought her tone was a little annoying so I ‘d give her a no. (I agree with Simon all the time, should I worry? )

Ebony Jointer stood out both physically and vocally

Last and not least Lakisha Jones, performed Aretha and she was really good. Plethoric personallity, and that’s what it takes!



American Idol 6 St Antonio TX

Let me just say:

YES! YES! YES! LOST is back!!!!!!!!

Ok and now back to Idol. 🙂 We start off with Bryan Kyrish, who sang Billy Idol but wasn’t Idol himself. Man he has powerful lungs though. Can’t sing but can shout!

Haley Scranato walked in with her hot clothes foxy style and sweet voice to get her golden ticket. I hope she surpises me with her singing next time.

Jasmine Holland almost seemed forced to be there (by her mother propably 😛 ). Kind of weird,  kind of shy…. Ooops! Not so shy after rejection though!

Up next Baylie Brown, city girl trapped in farm, something tells me we ‘ll hear more of her in the future. Paula praised her sense of style, and went on to analyze fashion Vs cows. 😮 Weirdeness starts to rub off on judges. Glad the auditions are almost over .

Really what’s with the doors this year?! Noone seems to get it right why don’t they leave both open?


William’s Green audition seem endless but he made a great exit. W.G. to the judges ” I am going to walk out the door and tell some trash but that’s  just for the cameras” And he did it! 😀 I laughed so much!

His cousin Akron Watson, was a pleasant surpise and made it to the next round.

Up next Sandie Chavez sang?! Black Velvet and cried, thank god auitions without tears are just weird 😛 . Paula to Sandie “Oooooooh  honey, you don’t have to apologize…” Simon: ” Well she has a little” 😀 😀 😀

Ashly Carr, did’t make it at first but they called her back and put her through the next round. Yeah! So sweet and there was just sth different about her. Hope she makes it!

Thriller music for the audition of Jake the snake. Plain creeeeepy!

We close with Jimmy Mc Neal, feel good audition singing Cupid!. Jimmy gets the ticket!!! Jimmy to his kid: ” Honey I’m going to Holywood”

Kid: ” So?”

And that wraps it all


American Idol 6 LA

How was LA? Well Olivia Newton-John still looks good. Day 1 began with Exentric’s audition. The man- panther wasn’t in a cage but he crawled, grawled,  and went home.  Next audition, Mr Lover Lover is here to spread the love but not the music. Pity though while he was talking with his deep calm voice I thought maybe he could sing too. It’s a good thing I don’t bet.

I liked a banana- boy singing “Peanut Butter Jelly! Peanut Butter Jelly!” Inspired and sooo ahead of his time. Up next Marianna Riccio, didn’t make it for good reasons, but I have to agree with Simon and Randy, her mum was foxy!

A musician, Alaina Alexander, about to give up on her career, sang ” I feel good” and hey! I felt good too. Amiable and I hope her golden ticket takes her a long way.

Taylor Hicks was Phuong’s Pham idol, the moment she walks in she says: “Oh my God! There’s Taylor” (on the poster) Well that got her 10 points off from Simon before she even opened her mouth. Unfortunatelly she opened her mouth to take the rest points off, and go home.

A light at the end of the tunnel as Brandon Rogers, background vocalist, auditions. Sweet voice, who can not like this one?! 🙂 Brian Miller from last years tries again and makes it, although I have to agree with Simon, sweet but forgettable. 😛

Drama Moment:

Sherman Pore, 62, sang “You belong to me: for his wife who passed away 2 days before the audition with cancer. Moving, brought tears to Paula’s eyes and mine. It’s so nice to love and be loved.

Day 2 begins with the auditions of the hottest couple we’ve seen yet trying out for  AI. Sparkles  seem to forget all about her boyfriend’s “bling, bling, bling” smile, as she flirts with Simon. And I mean, she winked, licked her lips, sang to him… Simon! How could you resist?! Thank God her man really trusted her, so off they went without tickets but with lots of love.

At this point I’m wondering why searching for the American Idol and not the American Weirdo. There seems to be so much talent!

We close with Eric Mueller, can’t describe the way he sang, of course he’s out, until… Simon finds out he learned to sing with Paula’s and Randy’s DVD “sing like the stars”. So he goes after Eric, after him goes Paula and after her Randy.

Grand Finale 😛

Ποιήματα ημερολογίου

Πικράθηκα βαρέθηκα,

φιλιά με παρακάλια,

είναι κι αλλού πορτοκαλιές,

που κάνουν πορτοκάλια.


Τις πίκρες και τα βάσανα

που πέρασα για σενα

τα ξέχασα σαν γύρισες

κοντά μου απ’ τα ξένα


Γλυκά γλυκα ας φίλαγα

το κόκκινο σου χείλι

κι ας με μαχαίρωναν μετά

χίλιοι οχτροί και φίλοι


Μην αγαπάς πολλούς μαζί

αγάπα μόνον ένα

και δείξε την προτίμηση

αγάπη μου σε μένα


Σε παίρνω για γυναίκα μου

γλυκειά μου νοσοκόμα

θα μου γιατρεύεις τη καρδιά

μα και μαζί το σώμα