American Idol 6 Alabama

Simon said that this year’s American Idol won’t be from Birmingham Alabama. Could he be wrong?  Well the auditions started off the wrong foot and we’ve heard “It’s a no sorry” almost as many times as Unchanged Melody. Things started to get really weird when a …cartoon, named Kate Bernard auditioned. She got a no from Simon, a yes from Randy… and the golden ticket from Paula who kept squirming around her seat through this whole episode. Kate could do really well if she cut her hair short dyed them black and changed her name to Betty Boo. She was cute 😛

As Paula kept making me dizzy we went through a lot of NOOOO and a few yes, until a hot chick-en came into view! Margaret Fowler 26??? years old burned and crashed only to admit finally that she was 33 and finally 50 years old.

Of course there was drama in Alabama. Our cinderella’s name was Jamie Lynn Ward and the miracle of love sent her to Hollywood. Good for her.

The revelation of Birmingham was in my opinion Chris Sligh. I really loved this one, amazing sense of humor, and nice voice, altough his personality really topped it all.

Next to audition were the long lost sisters of cousin Itt from the Addams family. All I heard was hair.

After some more painful auditions Brandy Patterson put the last nail to the coffin of talent. I loved it though when Simon tried to open the wrong door she yelled at him: ” You can’t even pick the right door”  😛

Hugs and sol keys till the LA auditions


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