Monthly Archives: December 2006


Yesterday was the Greece-Turkey Survivor final. It was dull and everything said was soooo cliche (it almost topped the bachelor 😛 ). This season was totally predictable since day one. No turnovers, no backstabbing, nothing! The players were too nationalist to play it smart. Seeing greeks and turks team up for the money would be much more real anyway than seeing them hugging and promising to be forever friends. The Challenges were uninspired and in total this survivor was the exact opposite of the Survivor Cooks Islands, which was great and for once we felt justified by the final winner (Yul, although I was rooting for Ozzy the jungle boy 🙂 )

So dear producers next time Do Your Homework Please 😛



So I was over at today checking biographies of notable women. Antony Susan Brownell, American reformer and leader of the woman-suffrage movement, Barton Clara,  American humanitarian, organizer of the American Red Cross, Nellie Bly Journalist… etc

And so I asked myself if my name was among them, what would I like to be referred as ? Amalia, a wanderer?

On a lighter note…

Elvis- Are You Lonesome Tonight

The King and the important of not being earnest.

Rainy Days

Mary J Blige & Whitney Houston

When I seem to live the same day over and over again…Smile at me