Monthly Archives: November 2006

Με θυμάσαι ?

Λιγότερο από μια στιγμή μάτια να κοιταχτούνε,

μπορεί να φύγει μια ζωή να μη λησμονηθούνε.


Can I touch you there?

Yes please!

Back from 1996 Shirley Bassey always touches my heart. I love this cover

MaryAnne – Fever

UTube Superstars pt2

Ladies and Gents MaryAnne! Classic meets spicy

Save room for Esmee

UTube Superstars pt1

Let me introduce you Esmee. Sweet Girl + Great performances

Natural Diva

The battle of the Divas

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the queen-est of them all?

BlueZ me up

/* I said Lord (HEY!) give me a chance

walk me through to the greener side

shine through my soul

give me a goal

I’m tired of wandering like a (goddamned) dog */


Booze and blues, my suede shoes

one day on the track the next on the loose

My mind plays tricks,I hit the streets

maybe the wind breaks down my shield.


and /*… */


I need more passion, not your compassion,

(I) can’t sleep alone in a bed for two,

Emptyness is my new disease

Alone in the crowd, I silently scream.


And so /*… */


Just my new song 😛


Photos from my latest adventure, in Efessos.