Looking out my window

Sometimes after spending way too much time watching tv, surfing the net, or just daydreaming, I look out my window and it’s like reality hits me in the face. Everything seems so different, the sounds, the movements, the shapes but most of all the light. The light which reveals a world I had forgotten it even existed. It’s just so weird, as if I was sleeping for a long time and then I woke up, trying to learn things all over again, like a baby. But then again, I turn my gaze back inside my house and the feeling is gone, and I’m back to the shadows. It just doesn’t feel like I’m alive most of the time.

I hear time passing by me, like a furious river at a distance and I wish I were closer so that I could fill it’s stream, so full of life, with paper boats and flowers. But I can’t, I’m at a distance and the few times I saw this restless stream, were when I was looking into your eyes. But now you’re gone and so is my compass. All I can do is wait for the tide to turn and carry me with it, to purify me and wash me to a new land.


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